Production of lithium products – lithium hydroxide, lithium metal etc.
Alkali metals in ampoules – sodium, potassium, cesium, rubidium

Rubidium Metal (Rb) in ampoules

CMP also offers highly purified alkali metals 
  • rubidium (CAS 7440-17-7)

(basic substance content: min 99,99 %).


Rubidium Metal (Rb) (code HS 1717-055-00194530)

Alkali metals are shipped in glass ampoules weighting from 3 milligram to 200 grams (net). The packaging depends on the size of the party. It can be in sealable containers with polyethylene liner or other containers agreed with the customer. The package meets all safety requirements, storage and transportation.

The products are packed individually and are transported in correspondence with the international UN package rules.

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