PJSC Chemical Metallurgical Plant
The leading Russian manufacturer and supplier of lithium products since 1956



Chemical Metallurgical Plant (CMP) was established in 1956 to produce lithium hydroxide monohydrate from spodumene concentrates. In 1957 CMP implemented the first government contract. 350 tons of lithium hydroxide with the basic substance content of 53% were produced from raw materials of manual sorting imported from China. In 1960 CMP shifted to the domestic flotation spodumene concentrate of the Zavitinsky Deposit (Zabaikalsky Mining and Processing Plant). At the same time the mining workshop was put into operation. CMP was developing Torgashinsky limestone deposit and started the lime-crushing plant for the needs of the main production. By 1965 the full design capacity of lithium hydroxide production was reached.
In December 1964 CMP organized the production of belito-aluminate cement of the "200" brand from lime wastes.
In the 60s the enterprise started the extraction project for obtaining lithium, cesium and rubidium from master solutions of the main production. That allowed to organize the production of chlorides of lithium, cesium and rubidium metals. In the 80s CMP developed the projects for the production of superpurity metals: rubidium, cesium and gallium.
In 1972 the plant put into operation the production of synthetic zeolites for the petrochemical industry (type NAa) without bounding agents.
In the early 80's CMP started the pilot project and mastered the technology of lithium metal production. The enterprise successfully carried out delivery of ingots of metal lithium, both in Russia and abroad (Germany, Japan, the Czech Republic). Battery quality was achieved. In 2000-2002 the plant developed the production of lithium ingots in an inert atmosphere and on the production of granulated lithium.
Since 1997 CMP started the production of lithium hydroxide from imported lithium carbonate.
Since 1998 up to the present day the production of lithium hydroxide has been completely shifted to the new type of raw materials.

Currently the core activity of CMP is the production of lithium hydroxide monohydrate. The quality of battery grade lithium hydroxide are characterized by low content of basic and metallomagnetic impurities.
CMP has its own limestone quarry with crushing-limestone section allowing to produce high-quality limestone of different fractions. The plant has the production workshops for various purposes, utility systems, roads, central plant laboratory. The plant also has vacant working areas and standby technological equipment.