Production of lithium products – lithium hydroxide, lithium metal etc.
Alkali metals in ampoules – sodium, potassium, cesium, rubidium

Lithium metal (Li )

Lithium metal  (Li )

Lithium metal (Li ) CAS 7439-93-2

As part of lithium products of CMP can also offer the supply of lithium metal:

  • battery grade (basic substance content min. 99,9%);
  • technical grade (basic substance content min. 99,0%);









Today CMP produces lithium ingots in segments. At the same time CMP prepares for the production of granules, rods, cylinders and foil.

Packagе: metal sealed containers with polyethylene liner. It meets international standards and allows to transport product over long distances without changing the physical and chemical properties of the products.

It is possible to pack in another type of tare, in accordance with the customer requirements, which meets the requirements of safety, storage and transportation of the product.

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