Production of lithium products – lithium hydroxide, lithium metal etc.
Alkali metals in ampoules – sodium, potassium, cesium, rubidium

Alkali metals in ampoules

Chemical-metallurgical plant (CMP) is currently exporting the following products:

Lithium hydroxide monohydrate (LiOH*H2O, white crystals)

  • Battery (purified) grade (LiOH content min. 56.8 %)
  • Technical (industrial) grade (LiOH content min. 56.5 %)

Lithium metal (Li)

  • Battery grade (Li content min. 99,99%)
  • Technical grade (Li content min. 99,0%)

CMP lithium production is a large-scale production complex. Its innovative technologies help to minimize harmful environmental impact. Main competitive advantage of lithium products is their chemical purity: the most beneficial properties of lithium are exposed when lithium products are purified from natural and technological impurities. Chemical-metallurgical plant (CMP) is steadily increasing its manufacturing capacity to meet growing demand of the world lithium market.

CMP also offers high purity (min. 99.99 %) alkali metals:

Alkali metals can be shipped in various packing starting from 3 milligrams till 200 grams glass ampoules and other special containers upon customer’s request. UN packaging of alkali metals meets all safety requirements, handling and storage regulations.




Alkali metals Lithium metalAlkali metals Lithium hydroxideAlkali metals sodium (CAS 7440-23-5), potassium (CAS 7440-09-07), cesium (CAS 7440-46-2), rubidium (CAS 7440-17-7)Alkali metals sodium (CAS 7440-23-5), potassium (CAS 7440-09-07), cesium (CAS 7440-46-2), rubidium (CAS 7440-17-7)


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