CMP has extensive network of customers around the world.

The company regularly supplies its products to the following countries:
Europe: Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Poland;
Asia: Korea, Japan, India, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam;
Middle and Near East: Turkey, Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus;
Africa: Tanzania, Morocco;
North America: USA, Canada.
CIS countries: Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.

We also provide lithium products to many regions of Russia.
Implementing the policy of continuous development CMP is constantly moving to the increase in volumes of deliveries. Most of the shipments go to Asia- 30%, the EU-40%, Africa-10%, to the East-10%, to North America-5%, the CIS countries: Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan -5%.
For delivery to Europe, the company uses the port of St. Petersburg, to Asia-the port of Vladivostok, to the countries of the East-the port of Novorossiysk.
CMP has warehouses in St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, and Moscow. In the future the company also plans to open its own warehouse in Europe due to the growing market for lithium-ion batteries in this region.
Every year the company improves the quality of work and reduces costs. CMP plans to organize its logistics ecosystem-to work directly with railway platforms and sea lines such as: MAERSK, MSC, CMA, HMM, ONE, as well as to expand cooperation with other sea lines to open new warehouses and increase cargo turnover.
Customization is the basis of our work. CMP sets the goal of delivering the finished products quickly, efficiently and comfortably for all parties.

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