Article by JSC «CMP» in a «Gas Business» Magazine

The article authored by CMP Chief Geologist Nikolai Vorogushin and Assistant Geologist Mikhail Skidan was published in «Alternative» magazine. The article addresses the issues of lithium extraction and processing in Russia.

The authors emphasize the importance of resuming lithium production in the country amid the growing demand for this metal, which is widely used in the manufacturing of Li-ion batteries for electric vehicles and other energy solutions. Currently Russia relies on imported lithium, despite having significant reserves of this resource.

The article discusses current challenges and future prospects of the lithium industry in Russia. Vorogushin and Skidan highlight the need for re-exploration and the development of modern technologies for existing deposits, as well as the exploration of new sources of lithium raw materials, such as hydromineral waters and lithium clays.

This publication underscores the importance of developing domestic technologies and infrastructure to ensure Russia's independence in the production of lithium products, which will contribute to stability of supply and reduce risks, associated with the country's dependence on imports.

Article by JSC «CMP» in a «Gas Business» Magazine


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