Environmental and Social Sustainability at CMP

CMP cares about environment and reduces negative impact on it.
CMP improves energy efficiency at its enterprise: heat consumption is decreased, CO2 emissions are cut down. To achieve this we use the following solutions:
– using optimized furnace system and stable operation mode for the furnace;
– using the fuel with characteristics to reduce heat consumption for calcination process;
– limiting excess air factor during fuel consumption.
To lower energy consumption CMP carries out the following activities:
– control of the technological process (excess air factor and its speed);
– maintenance of equipment (elimination of air leaks, violations of the refractory lining);
– optimization of particle size distribution of raw materials.
CMP also regulates Product Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). This is the method used to measure the full environmental impact on the product at each stage: from its production to utilizing and recycling. Information is collected at all the stages of the product’s life: from the production of raw materials and their transportation to the plant, distribution centers, warehouses, product manufacturing, delivery to the end-customer, utilizing and recycling.
For example, CMP production of lime at its facilities in Krasnoyarsk allows to reduce CO2 emissions during transportation of lime – one of the main components in the production of lithium hydroxide. Thus the plant emits much less CO2 than if the company sourced and delivered lime for its production from another enterprise.
Besides CMP production of lime allowed to create additionally 50 jobs in the region.

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