Sustainable development of CMP

In the context of the challenges of the modern world the need for decarbonization and reduction of the carbon footprint becomes obvious for all enterprises. Today companies strive to follow the environmental agenda, conduct their business honestly and openly, with concern for the safety and comfortable working conditions of their employees, adhere to ethics and approach all processes responsibly.

Now CMP is working on the implementation of the principles of ESG (ecology, social policy and corporate governance) in its activities.

In order to realize the goals related to the letter E (environment), CMP annually attends events dedicated to the topic of sustainable development. The latest was ICIS "Sustainability" webinar.

The main issues discussed at the event were:

Transparency and environmental friendliness are the values of CMP (you can get acquainted with our values by following the link


Устойчивое развитие компании ПАО «ХМЗ»



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