About CMP
JSC Chemical Metallurgical Plant

The leading Russian manufacturer and supplier of lithium products since 1956
Chemical Metallurgical Plant (JSC «CMP» since 1997) was set up in 1956 in Krasnoyarsk city located in the center of the East Siberian District of Russia at the bank of the Yenisei River.

The production technology of the lithium hydroxide was based on the mineral processing of spodumene.

The plant also produces lithium metal and its compounds, highly purified alkali metals such as sodium, potassium, cesium, rubidium and different lime- and limestone-based construction materials.

Today the main activity of JSC «CMP» is production of lithium products (lithium hydroxide, lithium metal, alkali metals, etc.).We arenot only rapidly extending our product lines but also start developing the lime and graphite production.

To improve lithium production growth the company considers the possibility to acquire its own lithium deposit.

To increase the capitalization of the company JSC "CMP" is planning to offer its shares at the Stock Exchange.

JSC «CMP» has experience in the supply of lithium products for foreign customers and now is interested inestablishing strategic alliances with foreign partners in the Asia-Pacific region. Our company has the access to the sources of raw materials, industrial sites, human resources and is ready to establish joint ventures with foreign companies on mutually beneficial conditions.

JSC «CMP» possesses all the necessary facilities for the production and shipping by the highway, sea and railway transport (products can be shipped in containers and railway cars). Product samples can be delivered by air.

The strategic goal of JSC «CMP» is to make its customers, suppliers and partners feel secure and confident in the future through establishing long-term partnership relations.

Competitive Advantages
Stable supplies of «CMP» products show the company's reliability in performance of contract conditions at fixed time.

Quality is the high-priority aspect in the long-term development strategy of the enterprise. The current operation management system and quality control system enable all process flows of the enterprise function effectively at all production cycles. This allows to take into account customers' requirements and to satisfy their needs. The quality control is undertaken by the plant laboratory.

R&D department of the plant makes the research on production technologies. It shifted the production focus from the standard grade of lithium hydroxide into the battery grade. The developed technologies help the specialists to be flexible with requests and to use the individual approach to every customer.

Today our key partners are SQM.