Lithium hydroxide in Russia

Chemical Metallurgical Plant
Today lithium is widely used because of its unique high-electrochemical potential, low thermal expansion coefficients and catalytic properties.
Chemical Metallurgical Plant (CMP) produces lithium hydroxide, lithium metal and alkali metals. LiOH is used in battery materials, ceramics, optics, lubricants, polymers, pharmaceuticals, aluminum alloys, for casting ultra-light products.
Since 1956 CMP has been producing mineral chemistry in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. The company produces high-quality products for various industries. Currently CMP is the leading lithium enterprise in the Russian Federation. The company produces lithium hydroxide by the technology using high-quality lime.
CMP is the largest lithium monohydrate producer in Russia. The plant has its own lime deposit. From the extracted limestone we produce high-quality feedstock for the production of lithium hydroxide.
CMP is present at the international market. For many years the company has been successfully cooperating with big manufacturing companies. We export our products to Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Today you can buy the following items: lithium hydroxide, lithium metal, alkali metals (cesium, rubidium, potassium, sodium).
The basis for the manufacture of the final chemical products is lithium ore (spodumene, petalite, lepidolith) and lime. The plant has developed a unique waste-free technology for the production of monohydrate with the extraction of rare alkali metals cesium, rubidium, sodium and potassium. CMP lithium production currently specializes in two types of LiOH products: technical and battery grades. Technical grade hydroxide is used for the manufacture of lubricants, glass and ceramics. Battery grade is used for batteries and storage systems (ESS). Now there is a steady increase in the sectors of electric vehicles, electrical engineering and mobile devices. In addition it is expected that other applications of lithium will be also expanded in line with the global economic growth. Chemical Metallurgical Plant monitors the quality of products and is open to new partners.

Why us?
CMP has scientific potential, invests in research and development of new technologies in the field of mining, mineral chemistry production, and high-tech battery products in Russia and abroad. The plant always monitors product quality. We take into account the requirements of each client and are ready to discuss partner requirements in detail.